EuroDiCenter – is a medical clinic using modern medical equipment and technologies. Paying special attention to the comfort of patients and modern technologies, our diagnostic center combines the latest radiological equipment and highly qualified personnel to conduct a wide range of highly specialized diagnostic studies at the highest level of international standards.

Advantages our clinic

The clinic has a convenient territorial location, near the Garden Ring, near the Dobryninskaya and Serpukhovskaya metro stations. Shabolovskaya and Tulskaya metro stations are also within walking distance. Free parking is available.

We always put the patient as our top priority. We stand out for both safety and comfort. In our center, this fact can be easily noticed by entering our center and feeling the relaxing atmosphere, warm welcome and commitment to safety.

Convenient working hours of the medical center where the study is conducted: opening hours daily from 9:00 to 21:00. You can make an appointment in advance, as well as, if necessary, on a day-to-day basis.

The high quality of the images satisfies specialists of all profiles.

The patient chooses the necessary forms of output of the results:
1. Recording of the examination on a DVD-disk or flash-disk together with the program for viewing the results of the study.
2. The output of images on film.

Interpretation and conclusion of our specialist (included in the price of the study, not additionally paid).

The results of research and the conclusions of our experts obtained in our clinic are accepted in all private and public consultation centers, hospitals, hospitals.

The conclusion of our specialist is written in understandable language and explained to the patient, recommendations are necessarily given. Our doctors have extensive experience, high qualification category and scientific degrees in the field of radiation diagnostics.


Отзыв клиента после КТ
Sviridenko Andrey

I was probably one of the first to visit this new clinic of the Euro Dicenter. I'm very comfortable, close to home. I liked the very high level, starting from the reception, ending with a consultation with a doctor after a CT scan.

Татьяна сделала КТ в клинике в Москве
Fedorova Tatiana

Excellent doctors, specialists in their field work here. The result of the CT study was explained in simple language. And they gave recommendations for further treatment.

Татьяна сделала компьютерную томографию
Stepanova Elena

I did a CT scan of the brain, and I had to wait 5 minutes before conducting the study. The procedure itself took 2-3 minutes, I didn't expect it. The atmosphere is positive, the sea, palm trees. I would recommend this diagnostic center to those who love comfort.

    Our doctors